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Resources View

The Resources View, framed in red above, is an optional view found on the right side of Midi Quest which displays one of three sub views: the Patch Zone, the Collection, and the Library.

The currently displayed sub view is selected by tapping on the tab at the bottom of the Resources view, framed in green.

To toggle display of the Resources view, tap the the Studio-ResourcesView Resources button on the Studio button bar.

If the Resources View is closed, it can also be opened by edge sliding a finger left to right from the right edge of the screen.

If the Resources View is open, it can be closed by performing a single finger left to right swipe in the view or by tapping the "X" in the lower right corner of the view.

The Patch Zone view accesses Sound Quest's online Patch Zone library of SysEx. It is context sensitive so as you move from MIDI device to MIDI device and between editors for any device, the contents of the window will change to reflect the resources available for the type of SysEx you are working with.

The Collection is a simple SysEx storage facility which allows you to take any combination of SysEx collected by Midi Quest and store them together in one place. The Collection can hold, for example, a Yamaha Motif 6 Set, a Korg Kronos Set, an M1 Patch Bank, an M1 Combi Bank, 2 DX7 Voice Banks, a D-10 system setup dump, and a Wavestation Performance all in a single file. It can, in fact, hold virtually any combination of SysEx that you can think of.

The Library is used as a single location to store all of the patches for the currently selected instrument.