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About the Library

The Library is used as a single location to store all of the patches for the currently selected instrument.

If you have a large number of Patches, the ideal place to store and organize them is in a Library. The advantage of the Library is that it can store up to 37,000 Patches. This allows you t keep all of your Patches in one place.

Use the Library as a source area when you are looking for Patches for a project. If all of your Patches are kept in a Library, your Patches will be easy to find and you will be saved from having to hunt through large numbers of Banks on disk.

Each Library can hold only one type of Patch. For example, for the M1, you will need to create a separate library for Programs, Combis, and Global SysEx.

You cannot create a Library of Banks. For instance, you can create a Patch Library but not a Patch Bank Library. However, by using Drag and Drop, you can easily move all or a portion of the Patches in a Bank into a Library. You do not need to transfer them one at a time.