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The Collection is displayed by opening the Resources view and tapping the Collection tab at the bottom of the view.

There is one Collection in Midi Quest for the iPad and its main purpose is to transfer SysEx between two locations. It can also be used as a location to store SysEx for future use. The Collection is the only Resource view which can store an entire bank as a single item as the Library and Patch Zone only store individual patches. The Collection is the only Resource view which can store SysEx of different types so it can hold a Korg Kronos Program bank, a Yamaha Motif Multi Bank, a Dave Smith Evolver patch, and Roland D-70 Tone all in the same File. Finally, the Collection is the only Resource view which is accessible to all bank and parameter editors.

The Collection is used to perform the following operations:

Copy banks or individual patch SysEx from one Studio to another
Copy parent patches which reference child patches from one Studio to another while maintaining the parent/child relationships


Copying SysEx Between Studio Files

To use the Collection to move SysEx between Studio files follow these steps:

Open the Resources view and display the Collection as described above
Drag and drop banks or individual patches from any combination of MIDI devices to be used in a different Studio file into the Collection
Press the Back button to return to the Studio view
If necessary, press the Studio-Save Disk button to save the current Studio
Press the Studio-Open Open button to select the Studio that is to receive the SysEx
Double tap on the instrument module to open the editor
In the Collection, find the SysEx to copy into the the instrument and double tap on it
Display the instrument editor to confirm that the SysEx has been copied


Copying Patches with Children between Studio Files





Single Tap - select the SysEx in the Collection

Double Tap - Double tap on any SysEx in the Collection. If it is compatible with the SysEx is compatible with the current instrument, it will be copied into the editor replacing the current SysEx. It is not necessary for the correct SysEx to be displayed at the time. To copy an M1 Patch into the M1 instrument editor, it is only necessary to have the M1 editor open. The M1 Combi editor could be displayed at the time however, double tapping on M1 Patch SysEx in the Collection will copy the SysEx into the editor.

Drag and Drop into the Collection - SysEx can be dragged and dropped into the Collection from patch editors, bank editors, and the select strip of the instrument editor. When dragging and dropping from a bank editor, if all entries are selected the entire bank is copied as a single entity. If a patch is dragged and dropped from a bank to the Collection and that Patch is a parent, that is, it has child patches that it references in order to create a sound, then whenever possible, Midi Quest will also copy the child patches into the Collection as well. As discussed in Copying Patches with Children between Studio Files above, this allows


Collection Button Bar

Put - Transmit the selected SysEx to the instrument

Rename - Change the name of the SysEx

Clear - Permanently removes the currently selected SysEx from the Collection

Clear All - Permanently removes all of the SysEx from the Collection