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Patch Zone

The Patch Zone is displayed by opening the Resources view and tapping the Patch Zone tab at the bottom of the view.

The Patch Zone gives you access to over 180,000 unique patches for MIDI devices supported by Midi Quest by accessing Sound Quest's online Patch Zone library of SysEx. The Patch Zone view is context sensitive so as you move from MIDI device to MIDI device and between editors for that device, the contents of the window will change to reflect the patches available for the type of SysEx you are working with.

The number of available patches vary dramatically by MIDI device. For some units there will be no patches. For others such as Korg Kronos Programs or Yamaha DX7 Voices, there are collections of over 30,000 Programs and Voices respectively.

You can help Sound Quest to continually enlarge the Patch Zone resource by submitting your own patches or, if you are aware of a collection of public domain patches on the internet that is not currently part of our collection, please notify Sound Quest so that they can be included. Submitting your own Patches to the Patch Zone is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the Patch Zone view.

iPads with 1/2MB of RAM memory are limited to a list of the first 1000 items for any given instrument.

iPads with 1MB of RAM memory are limited to a list of the first 2000 items for any given instrument.



The Patch Zone view lists a patch per line. Each patch in the list is unique, there should be no duplicates.



Single Tap - Tap on any Patch in the Patch Zone window and that Patch will be downloaded and auditioned to the instrument. This behavior is identical to auditioning from a Bank or Library.

Double Tap - Double tap on any patch and it will be copied into the currently displayed editor. If a Patch Editor is displayed, the patch is downloaded from the Patch Zone and is copied into the patch editor, overwriting the patch currently found in the editor. If a Bank Editor is displayed, the patch is downloaded from the Patch Zone and is copied into the first selected memory location in the bank.

Drag and Drop into the Patch Zone - to submit patches to the Patch Zone, drag and drop one or more patches from any of Midi Quest's SysEx windows (Patch Editor, Bank Editor, or Set) and release your finger over the Patch Zone Window. This will upload the patch(es) to a special part of the zone where they are collected and Sound Quest manually ensures that they are unique submissions and not already available as part of the Patch Zone. Once verified they will be included as part of the collection.


Button Bar

Refresh - rebuilds the list of Patches for the currently selected Patch type.



This collection of patches, to our knowledge, is comprised entirely of public domain SysEx that is freely available on the internet. Anyone could build this collection of patches on their own however Sound Quest has invested significant time and resources to collect the patches, filter them for duplicates, and organize them.

If any items are found which are considered to be under copyright. Please notify us and we will remove them from the Patch Zone collection.