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Studio 8 Modules

With the exception of selecting instruments and opening an Instrument's Instrument Editor, all interaction with the Studio is handled using the Studio button bar at the top of Midi Quest.

Some of the tools in the Studio button bar require an instrument to be selected before the tool is available. Tap on an instrument to select it. The selected instrument is framed in gray. The Korg Kronos is selected above.

The Studio button bar does include an Instrument Edit button but the fastest way to open an instrument's editor is to double tap on the instrument.


The Studio Button Bar

Instrument View Button Bar

The Studio button bar's tools are actually covered at the beginning of the manual in order to allow those with Midi Quest experience on Macintosh or Windows to quickly get started with the iPad version. In short, the Studio button bar handles:

adding, removing and configuring instruments in the Studio
saving and loading SysEx on the iPad's storage media
retrieving SysEx from and sending SysEx to MIDI hardware
standard cut, copy, paste options
Fast Tips and help tools

If the iPad is held vertically or large icons (default) are used with an iPad that has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, all of the buttons may not be visible. In this case, it is possible to get a list of all commands by two finger tapping on the button bar and selecting the desired command from the list. This applies to all button bars in Midi Quest.

For information on each of these options click here