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Instrument View Button Bar


Studio-Add The Add button manages the contents of the Studio

Studio-Open The Open button opens a saved Studio, replacing the current Studio contents

Studio-Save The Save button saves the current Studio with a new name

Studio-Cut The Cut button removes the selected Instrument module from the Studio and places it on the clipboard

Studio-Copy The Copy button makes a copy of the selected instrument module and places it on the clipboard

Studio-Paste The Paste button copies the instrument module on the clipboard and adds the copy to the Studio

Studio-Put The Put button sends a SysEx from the selected instrument module to the MIDI hardware

Studio-Edit The Edit button opens the editor for the selected instrument

Studio-Get The Get button transfers SysEx from the MIDI hardware to the selected instrument module

Studio-Settings The Settings button opens a dialog to assign the communication parameters for the selected instrument module

Studio-FastTips The Fast Tips button opens the Fast Tips help for the selected instrument module

Studio-Help The Help button opens Midi Quest's online manual

Purchase The Purchase button is used to purchase the selected instrument module for full program functionality or to activate the librarian / bank editor.

Studio-Global The Global button opens the Preferences dialog to assign options with affect the operation of Midi Quest.

Studio-MonitorView The Status View button toggles display of the Status View in the bottom part of the screen

Studio-ResourcesView The Resources View button toggles display of the the Resources View in the right hand side of the screen (for Midi Quest only)

Studio-Panic The Panic button outputs note off events on all MIDI channels for all MIDI OUT ports in the event of a stuck MIDI note


If the iPad is held vertically or large icons (default) are used with an iPad that has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, all of the buttons may not be visible. In this case, it is possible to get a list of all commands by two finger tapping on the button bar and selecting the desired command from the list. This applies to all button bars in Midi Quest.