MQ Get (Studio Button Bar) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_yes


Tap the Get button to request the SysEx from the hardware and store it in the currently selected instrument in Midi Quest.

The SysEx that is requested will depend on the memory configuration selected when the instrument module was added to the Studio. Some instrument modules have only one configuration. In this case, all of the SysEx is transferred from the instrument to Midi Quest. In other cases, there will be multiple configurations. When it is possible to have multiple memory configurations of a given instrument, there will also typically be options when the instrument has both RAM and ROM SysEx which can be loaded from the instrument. In this case, the "Default Set" will create components for only the RAM portion of the instrument. The will also typically be one or more configurations to load ROM SysEx as well.

The description above is very standardized and there will frequently be variations based on the capabilities of the instrument. For example, some instruments do not support SysEx requests. In these cases, when Midi Quest shows that it is requesting a given type of SysEx from the instrument, you must actually trigger the SysEx dump from that instrument yourself. In cases such as these, the instrument specific Fast Tips will contain instructions on how to manually transmit the SysEx from the instrument.

While Midi Quest is retrieving SysEx from an instrument, the "MIDI Receive Status" view is displayed to show the progress of incoming SysEx.


This option is disabled if no instrument is selected.