MQ Setting the Audition MIDI Channel in a Multi (Patch Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_no

This feature applies only to Multi/Combi style Editors. Its purpose is to assign the correct MIDI channel to the virtual keyboard found in the Status view and make it easier for you to audition chosen sounds.

For most editors, all activity occurs on a single MIDI channel which is globally assigned to the editor module from the Settings dialog accessed from the Studio Button bar. If required, the channel can be changed from this location.

With most Multi style editors, one of the major purposes of the editor is to select different Patches for different MIDI channels. In order to provide reasonable auditioning capabilities, it is necessary to be able to change the MIDI channel used for auditioning.

In cases where the Editor displays assignable MIDI channels, selecting or editing one of those MIDI channels will automatically set the keyboard to the selected channel. This makes auditioning the sound assigned to that channel much easier than going to the Settings Dialog to change the channel. If the editor has 16 parts with each part permanently assigned to a specific MIDI channel, clicking on the part number will automatically set the keyboard to that channel. If you are using the built in MIDI Thru/mapping functionality, you need to audition at least one note for the MIDI Thru functions to pick up the new MIDI channel