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Using the Library


Placing a Patch or an entire Bank in a Library

Return to the Instrument Editor and select the Patch Bank from the component list; this is the Bank that holds the instrument's sounds. Now, click on any Patch in the Bank. Click again on the same Patch, hold the mouse button down, and drag the mouse towards the Library. You will see the mouse change to a Drag display. Drag the mouse over the Library Window and release the button. A message will be displayed asking whether you wish to move all of the Patches in the Bank or just the currently selected ones. Choose to move all of the Patches. Midi Quest will move all of the Patches from the Bank into the Library.


Auditioning a Library

You can now audition each of the Bass Patches in your Library.

Similar to the Bank Window, clicking on a Patch in the Library automatically sends that Patch to the instrument and plays a chord.

If you would like to play a different chord, you can open the Tones Window by choosing Utilities/Tones. From this window, you can define the number of notes to play in the chord, the chord's duration, the pitches, and the velocity of each pitch.