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Editing a Patch from a Bank

Bank Editor D-50

In almost all cases where the instrument module supports editing, a bank will have a corresponding editor where the individual patch's parameters can be edited. To edit a patch, tap on the Patch to selected it and press the Studio-Edit Edit button in the Bank button bar or double tap on the Patch. This will copy the Patch from the bank into the Patch component and display the Patch Editor.

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Patch Editor D-50 Clav


from the original Patch Bank that you would like to edit. Tap the Edit button to open a Editor for the Patch. The window shows the Roland D-50 Patch Editor. Each Editor will look different depending on the instrument and type of Patch you are working with.

Patch parameters can be edited in any one of the following three ways:

Tap on the parameter to edit and drag up/down (can also be configured for left/right editing in Preferences)
Double tap on most numeric and string list controls to display a pop-up listing all possible values. Select a new value from the pop-up
For toggle parameters, simply tap on the parameter to toggle the value
For level and slider parameters, tap and drag on the control to edit the value
For envelopes, tap and drag a corner to edit the envelope or double tap to open a larger envelope which will be more accurate and easier to edit
For knobs, tap and drag around the knob in a circular fashion to change the value


Try changing a number of parameters in the editor.


To manually save the edited Patch back to the Bank, two finger tap on open space in the editor to display the editor's pop-up menu. Choose Store from the pop-up menu to store the patch back to the location it originally came from.

For more information on the Patch Editor and editing click here.