MQ Active SysEx Receive (Studio Window) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_yes


Midi Quest can always be ready to store the bulk SysEx that it receives.


There are many older MIDI devices which do not have SysEx dump requests and occasionally we find an instrument which does not respond properly to its own dump requests, or sometimes you just want to dump some SysEx from your MIDI devices manually. For these situations, Midi Quest can always be ready to receive and store SysEx dumped manually.


Enabling of this option is controlled from Preferences. Tap the Preferences button on the Studio button bar, ensure the "Receive manual bulk dumps and create new SysEx" switch is on.


When this option is enabled, Midi Quest analyzes each SysEx dump received and if it is recognized as being used by any of the install instrument modules, a new editor is created for the SysEx and is opened in Midi Quest.


It is important to remember that this feature is not exclusively for instruments which do not have dump request messages. As long as this option is enabled, you can choose to manually dump SysEx from virtually any instrument supported by Midi Quest and it will be received and displayed in a new instrument in the Studio. Depending on the circumstances, this can sometimes be faster and easier than the standard process of requesting SysEx.





There are some limitations to this feature. The primary one is that variable length SysEx messages are not supported. The vast majority of SysEx messages are a known fixed length. However, some vary, particularly those that contain song or sequence information from an instrument. For these SysEx messages to be received, Midi Quest must be in active receive mode for the specific instrument and waiting for the specific SysEx in order to successfully receive it.


There are also a few cases where an instrument will send the same SysEx in different formats depending instrument settings (yes, this is a vague statement but it is a vague and rare situation). Midi Quest is typically configured to receive a particular type of SysEx in a single format. If it is received in an alternate form, this SysEx will be ignored. In these rare cases, you will need to use Midi Quest more formal dump request/receive SysEx system to request the information from the instrument in a form it will be able to work with.