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Fast Tips opens the Fast Tips Help for the Instrument. This menu option opens the same information file as the button on the Studio view button bar. It contains setup and configuration information along with any other important technical notes for operating Midi Quest with the instrument hardware.

For most instrument modules Fast Tips information is stored in .rtf format and occasionally in .pdf format. In order to display the Fast Tips, you will need to have an app installed that is capable of opening and displaying these files. If you don't currently have a compatible app, Sound Quest recommends installing Adobe's Acrobat. It is capable of displaying files in both .pdf and .doc formats and can be downloaded for free from Apple's App Store.

For those instrument modules which use it, Fast Tips includes information on the Custom Value which usually controls how Midi Quest performs SysEx transfers with an instrument. For those instruments which require it, the Custom Value is critical to the operation of Midi Quest.

For more information on the Fast Tips file.



To open the Fast Tips for an Instrument:

1.Tap on the menu button (down triangle) on the Instrument button bar or
2.Two finger tap on the component list to display the pop-up menu
3.Choose Fast Tips