MQ Get SysEx From Instrument (Instrument Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_yes



Get SysEx From Instrument loads SysEx for the currently selected component directly from the instrument.

This feature allows elements of the Instrument editor to be overwritten with the current contents of the instrument. You can use this function if you have made changes to a portion of your instrument's memory and want to update the Set to match it.

Note: any SysEx loaded from the instrument will replace the same type of SysEx in the Instrument Editor. This operation can not be undone.


To load SysEx from an instrument to the Instrument Editor:

1.Select the type of SysEx in the Set to load
2.Select the Get button or Set/Get <SysEx> From <Instrument>
3.The program will load SysEx from the instrument directly into the Instrument Editor