MQ Paste (Instrument Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_no MQLib_no



Paste copies the SysEx in the Instrument Editor Clipboard into the active Instrument.

Before SysEx can be pasted into an Instrument, compatible SysEx from the current editor or another editor must be copied to the Instrument clipboard. Once in the clipboard, the SysEx can be pasted into the current Instrument.

The primary use for Copy/Paste is to move SysEx between Instruments.

Note: if you copy SysEx from one Instrument and then attempt to paste it into a different Instrument with incompatible SysEx, it will be ignored.


To paste the contents of the Instrument Clipboard into an Instrument:

1.Select and copy SysEx from a compatible Instrument
2.Open the editor for the Instrument to paste the SysEx into
3.Two finger tap to display the pop-up menu
4.Choose Paste