MQ Export as txt...  (Instrument Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_no MQLib_no


The Instrument Editor can save any of its component's SysEx as text in a simple txt file which can then be exported to another application in the iPad including iCloud, Dropbox, email apps, or any other app that indicates it is able to accept the specified file type.

The export view is displayed as follows allowing selection from multiple destinations:

Instrument Editor Export syx

This file transfer process is actually managed by IOS so the display and contents of the view may change over time and will certainly change depending on installed apps. Tap on the the app to receive the .txt file.

To export the SysEx in a MIDIX .syx file, use Export to .syx.
To export the SysEx in a Standard MIDI file, use Export as mid....



To export SysEx as a text equivalent from the Instrument Editor in .txt format:

1.In the component column, select the component whose SysEx is to be exported
2.Tap the menu button in the button bar or
3.Two finger tap the component list to display the pop-up menu
4.From the pop-up menu choose Export as .syx
5.Use the controller to select the destination for the .syx file