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The installation chapter takes you through the following steps:

1.System requirements for running Midi Quest
2.Installing Instrument Modules
3.Connecting instruments
4.Setting Up Instrument Modules
5.Installing additional instruments

Let's get started!


System Requirements

Midi Quest for the iPad requires, at a minimum, an iPad 2 running the latest version of IOS 9.

However, with this minimum configuration Midi Quest will be slow and there is insufficient memory to load and open the larger or more graphically intense instrument editors such as the Korg Kronos, Korg OASYS, Kurzweil K200 and 2500 series and most editors created by Psicraft. Following is a list of the main iPad releases including the amount of RAM installed in the unit.

iPad A5 ram: 512MB (ipad2, iPad mini)
iPad mini 4 ram: 2GB (A8)
iPad pro std ram: 2GB
iPad pro large ram: 4GB
iPad air: 1GB
iPad air 2: 2GB

An iPad with 2GB of RAM is recommended and 1GB might be sufficient depending on the instrument modules it is being used with.


Running Midi Quest Offline

Midi Quest can be run while the iPad is not connected to the internet with the exceptions of downloading and activating instrument modules, and accessing the Patch Zone. These operations require an internet connection.