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Setting Up Instruments

With Fast Tips open, and the instrument connected to the MIDI interface, the instrument now needs to be configured so that it can successfully communicate with the hardware. Tap the instrument to select it then tap the Studio-Settings Settings button to display the Settings dialog.

Settings Dialog - Kronos

The Settings dialog contains three or four basic parameters which must be properly set for Midi Quest to communicate with the instrument.

Remember that MIDI is a technology which is almost 35 years old. It is not "plug and play" and there is frequently a certain amount of manual configuration necessary in order to successfully work with SysEx.

The four parameters are: MIDI IN Port, MIDI OUT port, SysEx channel, and MIDI channel.

MIDI IN Port is the name of the port that the MIDI cable coming from the MIDI OUT port of the MIDI hardware to the MIDI IN port of the iPad is connected to. Highlight this port name to select it.

MIDI OUT Port is the name of the port that the MIDI cable connecting the MIDI OUT port of the iPad to the MIDI IN port of the MIDI hardware. Highlight this port name to select it.

SysEx Channel is the channel that a MIDI device uses to communicate SysEx. If this option is enabled then the MIDI device uses a channel that is separate and distinct from the MIDI channel to communicate SysEx on then select the channel that the instrument is currently using. Hardware manufacturers have a range of names for the SysEx channel including Device ID and Unit #. Midi Quest's Fast Tips will usually cover where to find this setting on the hardware to ensure that the settings on the hardware and in Midi Quest match.

Not all instruments use a SysEx channel. For some instruments, SysEx is not channelized. For other instruments, the SysEx uses the global MIDI channel assigned to the instrument. In both of these cases, the SysEx channel selector will be disabled.

MIDI Channel is the main or global MIDI channel that the MIDI hardware is currently set to. This setting must correctly match the setting on the instrument if bank auditioning and, in some cases actual SysEx communication, is going to be successful. Where appropriate, the Fast Tips will indicate where to find the MIDI channel setting on the hardware.

If there are no MIDI ports listed in the Settings dialog then there is a problem as there are no MIDI ports recognized as connected to the iPad. This will need to be addressed before Midi Quest can be used with MIDI hardware.

Once the parameters have been assigned, press the OK button to accept the changes and close Settings.

If you require more detailed information on the Settings dialog parameters click on Settings dialog.

After installing and configuring one instrument, repeat this process for each hardware device.