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Getting Support


Video Help

Sound Quest has an extensive collection of video tutorials online and available for viewing. These videos range from short tutorials to in-depth coverage of all of the options available in Midi Quest.

Before watching these videos there are two important factors to be aware of. These were never intended to be promotional videos. They are long, in-depth, and not very exciting but if you want to watch someone work through all of Midi Quest's extremely wide range of functionality, nothing beats them. The current video collection, as of November 2016, is now getting old and all have been created with previous versions of Midi Quest. The appearance of the editor is somewhat different from the current release and while the way the program functions "under the hood" has undergone radical improvements, you will find that the basic layout of where functions are found and how the program operates remains basically the same.

While there are plans to create new videos, there are currently no plans to replace these very long videos which attempt to cover virtually every aspect of Midi Quest's operation. So, if you are willing to accept some of the weaknesses in the videos, you will find that they also have a lot to offer and they provide excellent and easy to absorb coverage of the features and functionality of Midi Quest.

Start exploring Sound Quest's tutorial videos by visiting


Online Help

Midi Quest help can be found online at

There is a direct link to this location is found in Midi Quest's Studio-Help Help button.


PDF Manual

Midi Quest includes a PDF manual. The manual can be opened directly from Midi Quest's Studio-Help Help button on the Studio button bar. The PDF manual contains the same information as the integrated and online help but is better suited to being printed.


Support Board

Sound Quest operates a support board accessed from

Ask questions and get answers to your questions from Sound Quest personnel and other Midi Quest users.


Via Email

Sound Quest provides technical support for its products via the Internet. Using the Internet, you can email any technical support questions to Support for UniQuest OEM software is provided directly from instrument manufacturers.


If you have a question about Midi Quest which this manual does not answer, please feel free to call our tech support staff. However, please make sure that:

you have reviewed the relevant chapter(s) in the manual
you have checked the Midi Quest on-line help
the on-line help has information above and beyond the contents of the manual
you have checked Fast Tips help for the component
you have your serial number and computer close by