MQ Undo (Patch Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_no MQLib_no


Each time the patch is edited, be it editing a parameter or using cut, copy, paste, patch edit, and so on, Midi Quest automatically makes a backup of the current state of the patch so that you can undo the change. There are an infinite number of undo levels (limited by memory). To undo the last edit, select the Undo from the pop-up menu. It is possible to undo all the way back to the original unedited patch.

note 1: there will not be an Undo option until at least one edit is made

note 2: Due to the extensive memory consumption of this function, undo requires an iPad with a minimum of 2GB of RAM memory. For iPads with a smaller memory configuration, this function will not be displayed as an option.



To undo the most recent edit:


1.Two finger tap in the editor to display the pop-up menu
2.Choose Undo