MQ Store In (Patch Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_no


This option is used to store the Patch in a specific location in a compatible bank or to the Collection or the Library.

Double clicking on a Patch in a Bank opens the Patch in the appropriate parameter editor in the Set so it can be edited. While editing the Patch, no changes are made to the bank. At any time, the current edited state of the Patch can be saved to a location in a compatible bank by right clicking on an open space in the editor to display the pop-up context menu. Choose Store In... from the menu and use the displayed dialog to select a bank (where there are multiple banks) and a memory location to store the Patch.



To save the Patch to a bank:


1.Two finger tap in the editor to display the pop-up menu
2.Choose Store In...
3.Use the Store In dialog to select a location to store the Patch
4.Click Store to Destination to store the Patch


The Store In Dialog

Editor Store In Dlg

The Store In dialog is used to select a location to store the Patch currently being edited. The Patch can be added to the Collection or Library in the Resources view or stored in one of the instrument's banks.


Tap "Add To Collection" to add the Patch to the Collection

Tap "Add To Library" to add the Patch to the Library


Destination Bank

If there is more than one bank in the Set which is capable of storing the Patch, the Destination bank list is visible with a list of banks where the patch can be stored. Tap to select the bank to store the Patch in.

Destination Location

Once a destination bank has been selected (if available), select the location in that bank to store the Patch.

Store To Destination

Press this button to store the Patch to the bank.




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