MQ Demo Limitations MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_yes


When running a Midi Quest instrument module as a demo instead of a fully activated version, the following limitations apply:


1) No exports

2) No bulk dumps from Midi Quest to MIDI devices except for auditioning patches from a bank and transferring edits from an editor to a MIDI device

3) When testing an instrument editor, parameter edits for the first 8 parameters edited are sent to the instrument as long as editing uses individual parameter update messages. Edits made to additional parameters are displayed on the screen but not sent to the instrument. Instruments which only offer editing via complete patch bulk dump offer no editing capabilities in demo mode

4) Patch Zone - only the first patch in the list can be auditioned

5) Only the first four entries in a bank can be opened in a patch editor for editing (MidiQuesti and MidiQuestEssentialsi only)

6) Only the first four entries in a bank can be auditioned