MQ Rename (Collection View) MQ_yes MQLT_no MQLib_no



Tap the Rename button in the Collection view to change the name of the selected SysEx.

This command is only active with a single patch is selected and the name assigned to the SysEx is editable. While the entry dialog will accept up to 255 characters, the number of characters actually stored is determined by the SysEx itself. For example, a Yamaha DX7 or Korg M1 only has space in the SysEx for 10 characters so only the first 10 characters are used. By comparison, a Dave Smith Poly Evolver stores 16 characters.

Some older instruments do not have any space assigned for the storage of a patch name in the SysEx. For these units, Midi Quest allocates 32 characters of name space which it manages for the instrument. In this case, the name information is not sent to the instrument when the SysEx is transmitted.

To be clear, Banks stored in the Collection can't be named and they are displayed in the Collection by the type of SysEx being stored. For example, if a Korg M1 Program Bank is stored in the Collection, if it is selected the Rename button is disabled and the name is always "Korg M1 Program Bank".



To edit the name stored in the SysEx:

1.Tap the SysEx in the Collection to select it
2.Tap Rename button on the Collection button bar to display a name entry dialog
3.Enter a new name for the patch and press the OK button to store the new name in the SysEx and dismiss the dialog