MQ Transmit selected elements in Bank (Bank Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_yes



Transmit selected elements of a bank.

This option only appears in the Bank editor's pop-up menu when the instrument is capable of sending individual elements of the bank. (Conversely, if the instrument can only receive and send the bank as a whole single dump, this option will not appear)

This option allows elements of the bank to be transmitted to the instrument without having to send the entire bank. This makes it faster and easier to update one or two edited patches and not retransmit the remaining SysEx which is unchanged.



To transmit selected elements of a bank to the instrument:

1. Use extended selection to choose the patches in the bank to transmit

2. Tap the Put button on the Bank Editor button bar or

3. Two finger tap in the bank editor to display the pop-up menu and choose Transmit Selected elements in Bank

4. Midi Quest will transmit the selected patches


warning: not all instruments are capable of receiving individual patches into a bank and can only receive the bank as a whole. For step 2 above, if the bank does not support the transmission of individual patches in a bank, the Put button will still be enabled but it will transmit the entire bank instead of just the selected patches.