MQ Rename (Bank Editor) MQ_yes MQLT_yes MQLib_yes

Bank Rename


Rename displays a dialog to rename a Patch in a Bank without opening an Editor.

You may wish to rename Patches this way when:

1.Only the name of the Patch needs to be changed, its faster this way
2.There is no Editor for the SysEx, so this is the only way to change the name
3.The name is not an element of the Editor so again, this is the only way to change the name

The last option applies only to some older instruments where Patch names were not included as an element of the Patch itself. In such cases, the program will create space so that names can be assigned and stored. Remember that these names cannot be sent back to the instrument. The instrument does not know how to store them.



To name a Patch in a Bank:

1.Select one or more Patches you wish to name.
2.Choose the Name button or
3.Two finger tap in the bank editor to display the pop-up menu and choose Rename...
4.Use the displayed Patch Name Dialog to enter a new name
5.Press the OK button
6.If more than one patch was selected, the dialog will appear for each patch until each has been renamed. If audition is enabled, the patch will be auditioned before the name appears for editing.