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Gen4 opens the Patch Generator 4 Dialog. It is used to create a Bank of new Patches by mixing the parameters of four selected Patches. The percentage of each Patch is determined by the location of each of your mouse clicks.

This function is intended to create new sounds. As a result, this option is only active in bank editors for components which are tagged as sound generators.



To open the Gen4 Dialog:

1.Tap the grey background to clear all selections
2.Tap on the numbers of four Patches from the Bank to select all of them
3.Tap 'Gen4' on the Bank Editor button bar or
4.Two finger tap in the bank editor to display the pop-up menu and choose Gen 4...
5.Use the Generator 4 dialog to create a Bank of new Patches


The Generator 4 Dialog

Bank Gen 4 Dlg


The Generator 4 dialog allows four Patches to be mixed together to create a Bank of new Patches. Two Patch names are displayed at the ends of both the X and Y axes. Each click of the mouse in the grid area will create a new Patch. The parameters of the new Patch are determined by the location of each of your mouse clicks. As the mouse is clicked closer to a particular Patch, more of that Patch is included in the newly created Patch. With each click, a black dot is placed in the grid to indicate that a Patch was created for that position.

An entire Bank of new Patches can be created in one of two ways. For instance, First, by the tap of your finger. If the Bank has 32 Patches, the grid can be tapped 32 separate times to create 32 new Patches. Secondly, tap in the grid, drag and release. New Patches are then created as your finger is dragged within the grid. In each case, it is possible to automatically finish creating the Bank at any time by checking Complete Bank on next click and clicking once in the grid.

New Patches can be created in one of two ways. The method of creation can be changed at any time. If the Mix button is selected, the program randomly gets a parameter value directly from one of the four Patches based on the location of the mouse click in the grid. In this way the new Patch will only contain parameter values drawn from the four source Patches. If the Blend button is selected, the program takes the parameter values from each of the four Patches and combines them to create a new value based on the location of the mouse click. This new value may not be the same as any of the source values.

For example, assume the attack time of the amplitude envelope is 85, 65, 80, and 84 for each of the four Patches. If Mix is selected, the new Patch will have either 85, 65, 80, or 84 as it's amplitude. If Blend is selected and equal percentages of the four Patches are requested, the program will create the new value as follows: (0.25x85) + (0.25x65) + (0.25x80) + (0.25x84) = 78. The amplitude of the new Patch would be 78.

The following are some examples of where to click in the grid to create various combinations of the four Patches:

to create a Patch which is 25% Piano 1, 25% Clavi, 25% Harpsi Box, and 25% Choir, click in the very center of the grid.
to create a Patch which is 50% Piano 1, 25% HarpsiBox, and 25% Choir, click the mouse at the very top of the Y-axis.
To create Patches which are mostly Piano1 and Choir, click the mouse in the upper. right quadrant of the grid.

Post Gen 4

Once all of the new patches have been created the Patch Audition dialog appears. Use this dialog to try out the newly created patches and save the ones you like to the collection or the library.



The following Bank was created by Gen4ing the following Patches: Piano1, Choir, Clavi, and HarpsiBox.

Bank Gen4-2