MQ Tutorial

Editing a Patch from a Bank


Now, select a Patch from the original Patch Bank that you would like to edit. Press the Edit button to open a Editor for the Patch. The window shows a Korg 01/W Patch Editor. Each Editor will look different depending on the instrument and type of Patch you are working with.

Patch parameters can be edited in any one of the following three ways:

Click on the parameter to edit and drag the mouse up/down (can also be configured for left/right in Preferences)
Click on the parameter to edit. Type in the desired value with your computer keyboard and press enter
Click on the parameter to edit and use the `<' and `>' keys to increment or decrement the value


Try changing a number of parameters in the editor.


To save the edited patch back to the bank, right click in the editor window to display the editor's popup menu. Choose Store to store the patch back to the location it originally came from.

You can now make the changes to the Set permanent by pressing the Save button or choosing File/Save Set.