IconStud Duplicate Instrument Support (Studio Window)


Midi Quest is designed to support multiple instruments of the same type.


This feature allows multiple instruments of the same type, for example, two Korg Tritons to be connected to Midi Quest and individually identified. SysEx that is loaded from one Triton will be transmitted back to that instrument when required, even if the instrument has been moved to a different MIDI port and is using a different channel for SysEx communication.




When more than one MIDI device of a given type is added to the Studio, it is assigned a numeric identifier which is displayed in both the Studio and the various editor windows which allows each instrument to be uniquely identified. Each MIDI device will have its own MIDI ports and channels assigned that will persist from session to session so that in the future, SysEx is sent to the correct instrument.


When duplicate MIDI devices are installed in Midi Quest, opening the Settings dialog for the device in any editor window (Set, Collection, Bank Editor, Parameter Editor) will include a Device tab so that the SysEx can be assigned to one of the other MIDI devices.


In the case of Libraries, which are intended to be a global resource within Midi Quest, each time a different duplicate MIDI device is activated the library is automatically updated with its settings allowing a single library to service each of the duplicate instruments.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one