MQ Receiving Manual SysEx Dumps

For the vast majority of instruments, Midi Quest is able to send SysEx commands which causes the MIDI device to dump the desired SysEx. The vast majority of the manual is written from that perspective. However, there are instruments which don't have SysEx dump requests and there may also be situations where the preferred method of transferring the SysEx is to manually trigger sending SysEx from the device itself. Sound Quest refers to this as manual SysEx dumps.

If you want to manually transmit SysEx to Midi Quest from a device or another computer, these are the steps to follow:

1/ Open Preferences and go to the Studio tab
2/ Check the "Receive manual bulk dumps and create new SysEx" option
3/ Press the OK button to accept the change
4/ Open the Monitor window from the Utilities menu so that reception of the SysEx can be visually verified
5/ Ensure that the instrument module for the SysEx being transmitted in currently in the Studio Window, it not, load it
6/ Ensure that there is a MIDI cable connecting the MIDI OUT port of the MIDI device to the MIDI IN or a MIDI port (or there is a USB connection)
7/ Ensure that the MIDI IN port that the MIDI cable is connected to is open in Midi Quest (if not, open the port from the menu option MIDI/MIDI IN Ports)
8/ Go to the MIDI device and press the requisite buttons to transmit the SysEx
9/ Assuming Midi Quest recognizes the SysEx dump then it will be received and stored in the appropriate editor window

From there, the SysEx can be saved and edited just as if Midi Quest had requested and received the SysEx.

For Step 8, the MIDI Devices Fast Tips may contain instructions for manually transmitting SysEx from the device.

As always, there are a large list of reasons why Midi Quest will not be able to receive the SysEx such as Midi Quest not having a driver designed to receive that type of SysEx, improper reception of the SysEx by the MIDI interface, SysEx sent by the instrument in a format other that that described by the SysEx documentation. In these cases, it will be necessary to follow the instructions in the Fast Tips on how to receive that type of SysEx.

Midi Quest doesn't enable this option be default because there are a small number of devices which automatically forward SysEx from the devices MIDI IN port to its MIDI OUT port. This can result in a MIDI loop or improperly received SysEx. If this occurs, it will be necessary to disable the "Receive manual bulk dumps and create new SysEx" option until receiving a manually SysEx dump is again required. However, in most instances, it is possible to leave it permanently enabled.