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The Panel Edit menu is only accessible while the editor is in Panel Edit mode. It is accessed by right clicking anywhere in the Editor Window.

Cut removes the currently selected controls and places them on the clipboard

Copy copies the currently selected controls and places the copies on the clipboard

Paste pastes a copy of the controls on the clipboard into the editor in the controls' original positions

Custom Paste/Paste Special

Mouse Paste/Paste at Mouse pastes a copy of the clipboard controls into the editor relative to the current mouse position

Clear removes the currently selected controls

Clear Clipboard removes any controls currently stored in the clipboard

Duplicate makes one or more copies of the currently selected controls

Global Macros opens a dialog to modify the editor's global macros

Bitmap List opens a dialog to list the bitmaps used by the editor

Global Parameters opens a dialog to display the editor's global parameters

Custom Skin opens a dialog to editing a skin uniquely assigned to this editor

Block Setup opens a dialog to define and modify the parameters that allow block copy and swap for this editor

Name and Help Editor opens a dialog which can modify each controls name and help parameters

Tech Notes opens a dialog to add or edit technical notes on the editor

Align Left vertically aligns all selected controls with the left-most control

Align top horizontally aligns all selected controls with the top-most control

Set Width all selected controls are set to the width of the widest selected control

Set Height all selected controls are set to the height of the highest selected control

Editor Fns/X-Check IDs displays a dialog listing all IDs which are used by more than one control

Editor Fns/List IDs in use displays a dialog which indicates whether an ID is in use or not

Editor Fns/Control to Top displays a dialog listing all controls. The control selected from the list is moved to the top so it is visible

Editor Fns/Shift Control IDs the ID number of all selected controls is adjusted by a selectable amount

Editor Fns/Set Layer set all selected controls to use a particular layer number

Editor Fns/All Caps the title of all selected controls is

Editor Fns/Remove Linked Control if the selected control is linked to a numeric control, the linked control is removed and the selected control resized

Editor Fns/Insert Space opens a dialog to insert space into an editor (presumably to make room for new controls)

Editor Fns/Name Entry opens a dialog to enter text which is applied to all currently selected controls

Editor Fns/Show All shows all hidden controls

Editor Fns/Full Control Select when checked, all controls can be selected regardless of whether they have the Lock set or not

Editor Fns/Grid Enabled when checked, placement of controls is limited to the grid defined in Options/Preferences/Patch Edit

Set All Controls to Use sets all controls to use a different update mode

Initialize initializes control to its default value

Save Editor saves the Editor to disk using its current name

Save Editor As saves the current Editor to disk with a new name

Panel Edit Panel Edit editing mode off



Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one