IconEdit Remove Linked Control (Panel Edit)


This function was added to aid in converting editors created in Midi Quest 9 or earlier for Midi Quest 10. As a result, it is unlikely that you will require its use.

Specifically, if the selected control is linked to a numeric control, Panel Edit will delete the numeric control, remove the link and resize the selected control so that it encompasses the space used by the numeric control. Panel Edit can perform this function much faster than performing it manually.


To remove a linked control:

1.Choose Editor/Panel Edit to place the Editor in Panel Edit mode
2.Select the control that is linked to a numeric control
3.Right click and choose Layout Fns/Remove Linked Control from the popup menu
4.The linked control will be removed and the selected control is enlarged to utilize the additional space

Key Equivalent:


note: key equivalents will only work when the editor view has focus. If the panel editor has been used then the focus has been shifted and key equivalents will not work. Click the mouse in the editor view to reset the focus and enable key equivalents.

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one