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The Bitmap list was the original method of accessing bitmap files for display and use in Editors. Most controls are now capable of storing the names of the bitmaps they require, however, this list is still used for the following specific purposes:

display of custom on and off bitmaps by the Toggle control
display of bitmaps by the Numeric control
the Bitmap control can display a bitmap stored in this list


To make bitmaps available to the editor:

1.Choose Editor/Panel Edit to place the Editor in Panel Edit
2.Right click and choose Bitmap List from the popup menu
3.Use the Bitmap List dialog to add bitmaps to the list
4.Press the OK button when finished.


Bitmap List Dialog


The Bitmap List dialog is used to create a list of bitmaps that can be used by the controls to display parameter states. The mail list area displays the current list of available bitmaps. All bitmaps added to the list MUST be located in the same folder as the editor file itself.

Browse - displays a file selector to select an additional bitmap to add to the bottom of the list

Delete - deletes the selected bitmap from the list

Shift Up - shifts the selected bitmap up in the list

Shift Down - shifts the selected bitmap down in the list

Duplicate - duplicates the bitmap name and adds it to the list

Move To - before clicking on Move To, enter the position in the list where the bitmap is to be moved in the text box below the button then press the button to move the reference

Add - adds the file name entered in the text area to the button's left to the list


Historical Support for Bitmaps

The Windows version of Midi Quest continues to support the .png and .bmp graphic file formats. However, for cross compatibility with Macintosh systems it is strongly recommended that only .png files are used as .bmp is not supported.

Any time a .bmp file is specified, if Midi Quest fails to find the .bmp file, it will attempt to load a file of the same name with the .png extension. This makes it very easy to convert to using .png instead of .bmp. Just convert your .bmp files to .png and you're done.


Key Equivalent:


note: key equivalents will only work when the editor view has focus. If the panel editor has been used then the focus has been shifted and key equivalents will not work. Click the mouse in the editor view to reset the focus and enable key equivalents.

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one


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See Also: Panel Edit