MQ XY Slider Custom Pane (Panel Edit)


The XY Slider control allows multiple points to be edited in an XY environment.


XY Slider Parameters

The XY Slider parameters are divided into two groups. The standard parameter controlling display and the popup parameters which control the information displayed in the popup line.

Background Style

Set the type of background for the control

Background Bitmap

If a Bitmap is selected as the background style, specify the specific bitmap here.

Knob Style

Specify how each point in the control is displayed.

Knob Bitmap

If a Knob style is selected that requires a bitmap, enter the name of the bitmap here.


Determine whether background bitmaps are stretched or tiled

Transparent Background

Specify whether the background uses a transparent color

Transparent Knob

Specify whether the knob uses a transparent color

Transparent Color

Specify the color representing transparency


Round the edges of the control

Connect Points

Specify if there is a line drawn between the pointer of the control or whether each control pointer is to appear independant.

Element Variable

This is a critical parameter! When the Retrieve, Store, Transmit, and Activate macros are called, the specified variable will contain the value of the currently selected element. For example, set this parameter to "10" and V10 will contain the value of the element currently being edited. Access macros will look something like this

Retrieve Macro

MW = 5            ; the value to edit starts at offset 5

MW + V10        ; add the offset to the parameter being edited (assume that each element is a byte in size

FR X W            ; read the value

RET X                ; return the value

Store Macro

MW = 5            ; the value to edit starts at offset 5

MW + V10        ; add the offset to the parameter being edited

FS X W            ; store the current value

Note that for this control there are two Common blocks. One is used for editing the horizontal position and the other the vertical position of the knob.

In addition, if the control has only one knob, the element variable can be ignored and the macros can read and write to the single location in the SysEx.

Number of Points

Specify the number of points to display and track

Knob Width

Specify the width of the display know.

Knob Height

Specify the height of the display know.

Popup Parameters

Click here for more information on the Popup Parameters


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one