MQ MIDI Filter Custom Pane (Panel Edit)

This control is unusual in that it doesn't have a display. However clicking on the control in Panel edit mode will cause it to draw a frame.

The control is used to receive incoming MIDI events and respond to these events in an appropriate way. Each time an event is received, the Activate macro for the control is executed.

Each time a MIDI event matches the filter, the control's Activate macro is triggered with the X variable containing the value in Byte 1 of the MIDI message. If the message contains a second byte, it is stored in the Y variable. W contains the MIDI channel the message was received on. Z contains the number of the MIDI port the message was received on.

This control doesn't handle real time SysEx messages. See the SysEx Filter control for this.


MIDI Filter Parameters

The MIDI Filter parameters are divided into a number of groups. You need only set the parameter associated with the type of MIDI event you are filtering for.

Filter for

Each MIDI Filter control can only receive one type of MIDI event. Select the type of MIDI event you wish to receive from the list.

MIDI and RPN/NRPN Parameters

For all MIDI event types that include a channel, there is a channel filter. You can choose to receive MIDI events from all channels, a specific MIDI channel only, or only events arriving on the MIDI channel assigned to the window in the settings dialog.

Standard MIDI Parameters

Standard MIDI Parameters adds an additional filter for MIDI events. If the assignment for Byte 1 or Byte 2 is "-1" then no filter is applied to that parameter. However, if set in the range 0 - 127, the incoming value must match the value in order for the Activate macro to be called.

For example, if you wanted to receive only Note On events for MIDI note 36 (C1 or C0 depending on the nomenclature you use), then you would set Byte 1 = 36 and Byte 2 = -1.

Real Time Message Filter

If the Filter For parameter is set to "Real Time" then the Real Time Filter For parameter allow you to determine whether all of the various messages are passed through or only one specific type.

RPN/NRPN Parameters

For RPN and NRPN messages, the control can only receive a single message type. This parameter specifies which value the control will respond to


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one