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Patch Settings opens the Patch Settings dialog.

Use this dialog to edit the patch name, comments, tags, and other Patch properties.

These parameters are the same as found in the Settings dialog found in the Bank, Patch, Set, and Collection windows. The display here is slightly different in order to provide additional features that are no found in Settings such as the ability to assign tags to multiple Patches at the same time.



To change the settings of a particular Patch in the Library:

1.Select one or more Patches to update or
2.Double click on a patch to automatically open this dialog
3.Choose the 'Patch' button or Library/Open/Patch Settings...
4.Make any desired changes to the Patch settings in the dialog
5.Press the OK button
6.If more than one patch was selected, the dialog is reopened with the next selected patch
7.This continues until the settings for each patch have been displayed


The Patch Update Dialog


By using the Patch Settings Dialog you may edit the basic settings of a Patch:

Name: the name of the Patch

Comment: the comment assigned to the Patch

Clear Selected: Press this button and the comment field in ALL selected patches is immediately cleared. Please note, this option can't be canceled.

Set Selected: Press this button to assign the current comment field to the comment field of ALL selected patches.

Tags: 8 tags may be assigned to each Patch to describe the Patch's properties or qualities. These tags are used by the Query Dialog when looking for particular types of Patches. If more than one patch is selected when this dialog is opened, the program shows tags which are identical in all patches in gray while unique tags are shown in black. This should assist you in which modifying tags.

In normal operating mode, the selected tag is added to the list of tags. At the bottom of the pop-up tag list is an option called "Tag and Category". It can be checked by selecting it. When this option is checked, selecting a tag actually adds two entries. The selected tag is added but in addition, the category from which the tag came is also added.

Properties: each Patch has six property fields (author, song, musician, band, long name, copyright) which provide additional information on the Patch and are particularly useful when sharing Patches publicly.

Apply Checked to All Selected: To apply tags assigned to the current patch to all of the selected patches, check the check box beside each of the tags you would like to assign and press the "Apply Checked to All Selected" button. This applies the current tags to each patch and over-writes the current tag assignment for each of the patches. The use of check boxes allows you to be selective about which tags are assigned to the Set.

note: Once you have pressed Apply Checked to All Selected you can press the Cancel button to exit the dialog. The changes you have made will still be retained and you will not be forced to step though each selected patch in the Library.

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Midi Quest


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