IconLib Number Library (Library Window)


Number Library opens a dialog which allows you to select which column will be used to number the Library.

If you have a situation where you would like to be able to quickly order your Library in a particular fashion, order the Library as you would like it and then use this function to add a sequential number to each of the Patches in the Library. At a later date, to return to this order, all you need do is sort on the particular tag.

note: any entries in the selected tag will be overwritten.



To order the Library:

1.Organize the library into the order you would like
2.Choose Library/Sort/Number Library
3.Use the displayed dialog to select the tag that is used to number the Library


The Number Dialog



The Number Dialog allows you to select which tag will hold the current sorting order of the Library. Select the tag (1 - 8) and press the OK button.

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one