IconLib Edit Mode (Library Window)



The Edit button controls whether the Library is displayed in split or regular mode. In regular (the default) mode, the Library window shows each of the Patches in the Library, as displayed below:


The second is the split mode. In this mode, the Library Patches are displayed in the left hand portion of the window. Selecting a Library Patch displays its contents for editing in the right hand portion of the window. To edit the SysEx, there must be an editor available for it. Following is an example of a Library in split mode.


Note 1: To access the menu for the Editor use the right mouse button speed menus. Disk Linked Patches can't be edited in the Library.

Note 2: While most Patches can be edited in a library, certain types of SysEx can be flagged as only being editable from within a Set. For these components, it will not be possible to open an editor in the library. In these cases, drag the Patch into a Set to edit it.


To switch the Library Window between regular and split mode, press the Edit button.

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one