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Build Bank creates a new Patch Bank using Patches selected in a Library. If you want to send more that one patch at a time to your instrument, you must do so by sending a bank. With this feature you can build a bank using Patches you have selected in the Library.

The Library is ideal for storing all of an instrument's Patches. Use it to find the sound that best suits a particular part in a piece. Once the Patches for the piece have been chosen, they can be selected and built into a Bank. The Bank can then be transferred into the instrument's permanent memory whenever necessary. Your sequencer will then be able to use Patch change commands to access the Patches. The newly created Bank should be added to the Collection containing the music's other components.

Patches are added to the Bank in the order they are selected. Only as many Patches as will fit in a Bank will be added even if more are selected. If there are fewer Patches selected, the remaining entries in the Bank are left empty.

When a bank is moved into a Library, both the name of the bank and the patches position in the bank are stored in tags 8 and 7 respectively. With this information, you could later rebuild the bank by using the Query function to hide all patches but those of a specific bank and then sorting the patches based on the number in tag 7.

note: in order for the Bank to be created, the Bank component which corresponds to the Library Patches must be installed in the Studio. For instance, an M1 Patch Library would require the M1 Patch Bank component to be in the Studio.



To build a Bank from a Library of Patches:

1.Select all of the Patches destined for the Bank
2.Choose Library/Open/Build Bank


Select the Patches to place in the new Bank


Choose Library/Open/Build Bank and the following Bank is created:


Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one