MQ Save Desktop As (Files Menu)


Save Desktop As saves a list of open program windows. These windows can be reopened together in a later session by loading the desktop file.

This feature allows you to quickly load particular combinations of files which are frequently used together. For example, if you have a particular set of files you would like opened each time the program is run follow these steps. First open.each if the windows you will need, choose Files/Save Desktop As..., and give the file a name. Once the desktop file is saved, select the program icon in Program Manager, choose File/Properties, and append the desktop's path and file name to the command line. The next time the program is run, it will automatically load all of the files in the desktop.

The desktop file stores a list of only those windows that have been previously saved to disk. Any windows which are open in the program and have not been saved will not be recorded in the desktop file.


To create a desktop file:

1.Load each of the files you wish to have in your desktop
2.Save any files currently on the screen which have not been previously saved
3.Choose Files/Save Desktop As... and name the desktop file

Note: in Windows, you can get a list of all desktops saved in the Midi Quest directory just by right clicking in Midi Quest's frame/background window

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one