MQ New SysEx Message (File/New menu)

Midi Quest Pro only


This option allows you to create a custom SysEx message simply by typing it into a dialog box. This option is ideal for creating simple SysEx messages that can be used to place an instrument in a particular configuration. For example, you could create a GM reset message to send to a Roland GM instrument as part of its configuration process.


To create a SysEx message:

1.Choose File/New/New SysEx Message...
2.Enter the SysEx message in the dialog
3.Press the OK button to create the SysEx message
4.A new SysEx Window is created with the message
5.From there it can be manipulated or stored


See Also: Collection/New SysEx Message


New SysEx Message Dialog


This dialog is opened from File/New/New SysEx Message... or by selecting Collection/Open/New SysEx Message... from the Collection window. This dialog lets you enter a SysEx message of any length and store it for later use with Midi Quest.

Use the text entry area to enter the SysEx. If the Hex button is pressed, all of the entered values are assumed to be hexadecimal values. The example above shows a valid SysEx message in hex.

If the Decimal button is pressed, all entered values are assumed to be in decimal except for those that begin with "0x". The equivalent of the message above as entered in decimal would be: 240 65 0 0 0 16 36 247. Alternate, some of the values could be written in hex, as in the following example: F0 41 0 0 0 10 24 F7.

Once you have entered the SysEx message you wish to create, press the OK button. If the dialog was opened from the File/New/New SysEx Message menu item, the SysEx message is opened in a SysEx Window. If the dialog was opened from the Collection window using Collection/Open/New SysEx Window, the SysEx will appear as a new entry in the Collection Window.

Note: this dialog should only be used by those who understand raw SysEx. Midi Quest does not verify the entered SysEx in any way so it is quite possible to enter values which do not create a valid MIDI stream.

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one