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The Block Copy button (pictured above) is found only in Midi Quest Pro. This button gives you faster and easier access to the features offered by Midi Quest's Block Copy Swap capabilities.

To further discuss the Block Copy button's capabilities, we will use the Korg M1 Combi editor pictured below.


You can see that there are 8 block copy buttons, one for each of the eight parts at the bottom of each channel strip. In circumstances where you want to copy the settings from one part to one or more other parts during the initial programming of a patch, Block copy can accomplish this for you more quickly and effectively than doing it manually. Typically block copy buttons are found in two circumstances, a particular editor may repeat SysEx (eg. any multi-timbral synth's setup page for each part) in addition, Logical blocks of SysEx may be assigned (for example, an effect) so that templates or default configurations of your favorite setups may be saved for quick access in the future.

Clicking on the button in timbre 1 will display a pop-up menu like this:


It is easy to see that the settings for Timbre 1 can be copied to any of Timbres 2 through 8 as well as the clipboard or made into a Template for later use. The next menu allows the settings of Timbre 1 to be swapped with one of timber 2 through 8, and the third menu contains options to overwrite Timbre 1 with the contents of one of Timbres 2 through 8.

All of these options can be accessed from the Block Copy dialog as well. The advantage of the button is that is automatically provides the appropriate options for you and visually associates the block copy operation with SysEx in the window.


Remember that every MIDI device is different so the opportunities to make use of the Block Copy feature vary greatly. Some editors are able to make extensive use of it. Others will have no block copy options.

Click here for more information on Block Copy Swap.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one