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Paste in combination with Copy moves selected parameters from one Patch to another. This can significantly decrease sound development time.

The Paste function performs intelligent parameter checking before it Pastes parameters. The intent is to ensure that the same parameter values are copied from one Patch to another. Therefore, when pasting Patch parameters from one Editor to another, you must select the identical parameters in both the source and destination Patches for the Paste function to work.To copy one or more parameter values to different parameters, use Forced Fill.

Block Copy/Swap... is an additional, extremely effective means of copying groups of parameter from one location to another as long as you are interested in copying a predefined group.



To Paste selected parameter values in one Patch to the parameters in another Patch:

1.Select the desired parameters from the source Patch
2.Choose Editor/Copy.
3.Select the identical parameters in the destination Patch
4.Choose Editor/Paste


Open two editors of the same type in the program
Select the desired parameters in the left editor


Choose Editor/Copy while the left editor window is active
Select the same parameters in the editor on the right


Choose Editor/Paste while the right window is active
The parameters values are copied from the first window into the second


Notice that the values of each of the parameters in the second column are the same

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one