IconEdit Forced Fill (Editor Window)


Using Copy and Forced Fill, you can easily move parameter values from one Patch to different parameters in the same Patch or to another Patch. For example, you can assign the envelope parameters in one of the Patch's sound sources, to other sound sources in the Patch. This can significantly decrease sound development time.

Unlike Paste, Forced Fill can be used to paste parameters into either the current editor or to a different editor of any type. Forced Fill does not perform any parameter type checking, so you can copy the chosen parameter values to any other currently selected parameters.

Block Copy/Swap... is an additional, extremely effective means of copying groups of parameter from one location to another as long as you are interested in copying a predefined group.



To Force Fill the selected parameters:

1.Select the desired parameters from the source Patch
2.Choose Editor/Copy.
3.Select the parameters in the current editor or a different editor to Forced Fill into
4.Choose Editor/Forced Fill


To Force Fill the parameter of part 1 of an 01W Combination to part 5 of the same Combination.

Select the parameters to copy from:


Select Editor/Copy
Select the parameters to copy to:


Choose Editor/Forced Fill
The following is the result of the Forced Fill


Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one