MQ Disk Access Errors (Common Errors)

All Disk Access Errors are generated while attempting to save or read data from disk.


File NOT Found!

This error results when attempting to load a file from disk which does not exist in the selected directory. To correct the problem:

1.verify that the current directory actually exists
2.verify that the file is in the selected directory
3.verify that the name of the file is correct.

File READ Error!

A File READ Error only results when the selected file is corrupted. Save your current work and use a disk recovery to attempt to recover your work.

Note: you should always backup your work onto a separate disk to avoid losing valuable work because of hardware failure.

Not an IFF File!

Not a Sound Quest Data File!

Not a Sound Quest Collection File!

Not a Sound Quest Library File!

This error occurs when File/Open... is used to select a file which does not match the type selected in "List Files of Type" in the lower left of the File Selector. To load a Collection, ensure you select the file type Collection. To load a Library, ensure that the file type Library is selected. Alternately, it is possible that the file being loaded is not a Sound Quest file and so will fail to load.


Not an IFF Driver File!

The selected file does not contain a driver for a Sound Quest "QUEST" product. Select a Sound Quest driver file.


Directory NOT Found!

This error occurs when the path entered the File Selector's "Path" does not exist. To correct this, enter a valid path in the selector.


File WRITE Error!

This error will only occur if there is insufficient space on the disk to save the file or the disk is damaged. Save the data on another disk.


File CREATION Error!

This error can be caused by a number of different problems:

1.the name of the file is unacceptable to the computer's DOS
2.the data is being saved to a directory which does not exist
3.the file being written to has been given READ ONLY status

Determine which of the problems it is and correct it.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one


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