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Starting with Midi Quest 11, it is possible to store as many Sets in a collection as you wish. This feature now allows Collections to store complete MIDI system configurations while maintaining all of the relationships between elements of a Set. It is even possible to store multiple Sets for the same type of instrument in a single collection.


Adding Sets to a Collection


Sets can be added to collections four different ways.


1. Activate the Set window and from the menus choose Set / Copy to Collection Clipboard. Activate the Collection window where you would like the Set stored and and from the menus choose Collection / Paste.


2. Activate the Set window, click on the instrument image in the upper left corner of the window, hold the mouse button down and move the mouse over the Collection window. Release the mouse. The Set is copied into the Collection.


3. If the Set is currently stored on a drive, open the drive and find the file. Drag and drop the file in the Collection window.


4. If the Set is currently stored on a drive, activate the Collection window and from the menus choose Collection / Disk / Load Set/Patch/Bank.... Use the displayed file selector to choose the Set.


In each case, Midi Quest will load the Set into the Collection. All of the tools used with individual SysEx, can also be used with the stored Sets.




Set Information


Information for a Set stored in a Collection is displayed differently from other SysEx. For bank and individual SysEx, all of the parameters are displayed if available (Name, Type, channel, Port, SysEx Type, Size, Keys, comments, properties). For a Set stored in a Collection, the Set name is always the name of the instrument. The SysEx channel, Port Out, date and Size parameters are also displayed. All other parameters are left blank.



Set Editing




To edit a Set, click the Editor Split button, if necessary to split the collection, and Select the Set entry in the Collection. The Set's editor is displayed in the Collection's right hand pane. With the exception of the Collection's left pane, the Set editor appears the same in a Collection as it does in a Set.



Custom Editors




If you have one or more Midi Quest custom instrument editors, these are editors created by Psicraft or occasionally Sound Quest (Korg Kronos), then the editors are created to be a fixed size. In these cases, the Set is rendered with a black frame around the editor. These custom editors behave a little differently and do not respond to resizing the Collection. If the Collection window is small than the editor, there will  be no scroll bars and you will need to increase the size of the Collection window in order to view the entire editor. Conversely, if the Collection window is larger than the editor, the editor does not expand to fill the entire space and the unused area is left blank.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one