IconBank Edit Window (Bank Window)


Edit Window creates a copy of the patch SysEx and opens it in a separate editor window so it may be edited.

In virtually all instances, a Bank will have a component that corresponds to one Patch in the Bank. For example, if there is a Voice Bank, there will also be a single Voice component. When a Patch is selected in a Bank for editing, the program finds the Patch component in the Studio, creates a Patch and opens an editor for it. The Bank then transfers the selected Patch into the editor. Use the Editor to edit the Patch parameters

Remember, to edit a Patch, the individual Patch component must be in the Studio. For example, to edit a Patch in an M1 Patch Bank, the M1's Patch component must be in the Studio.

Note: In some instances, there will not be an individual editor for the SysEx type. This occurs when Editors are not created for a particular instrument, for example. In this case, attempting to edit the SysEx will only result in placing the SysEx into a SysEx Window.


To send a Patch in a Bank to a Editor for editing:

1.Select the Patch to edit
2.Choose Bank Edit//Edit/Patch

Key Equivalent:


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one