MQ Using the IAC Driver

Macintosh Only

The Macintosh IAC driver is a Macintosh specific driver which allows MIDI events to be routed from one application to another in a Macintosh.

This feature is particularly useful when using CC events to automate parameter editing in Midi Quest. There are many excellent tutorials on the web showing how to configure IAC. You can use one of these or follow the instructions below.

The IAC Driver is accessed from the application Audio MIDI Setup which is found in the Applications/Utilities folder.

Open the application and click on the MIDI Devices tab (10.5) or choose Window / MIDI Window from the menus (10.6)


Double click on the "IAC Driver" icon to open the IAC Driver Properties dialog and configure it.

AudioMidiSetup IAC Driver Dlg

Check the "Device is online" box to enable the driver.

In the lower left, use the "+" and "-" buttons to add or remove MIDI ports you want to be available. In this case, IAC is configured to add two drivers: Bus 1 and IAC Bus 2.

Close the dialog window, you're finished with the setup.

Switch to Midi Quest, and open the MIDI IN Ports dialog from the MIDI menu.

AudioMidiSetup MQ MIDI In Ports

You will see that there are now two drivers: IAC Driver Bus 1 and IAC Driver IAC Bus 2. Ensure that at least one of these MIDI ports is open in Midi Quest.These ports will appear in all of your other MIDI applications as well

To send MIDI events from a DAW or any other MIDI application in your Mac to Midi Quest, just configure one or more MIDI tracks to send their MIDI output to an IAC Bus that is open in Midi Quest. Midi Quest will receive these MIDI events and process them just like any other MIDI source.