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Midi Quest Pro only

The five parameters relate directly to control over the Custom# parameter in the Studio Window and Settings Dialog. This parameter is no longer recommended for use. However, if absolutely required, it is a free form value which can be used to control almost any aspect of the operation of a Midi Quest driver. This parameter is most frequently used when it is possible to select which patch is to be loaded or stored as a function of the SysEx and/or Dump Request. If you want the Custom# available in the Studio.

Window or Settings Dialog formatted into the SysEx, turn Customize on (set 'Yes')

If desired, specific names for each value of the custom parameter can be assigned in the instrument .ini file

Customize - Toggle 'Yes' or 'No'. When set "Yes" the Custom parameter can be assigned in the Settings dialog

Custom Min - the lowest Custom number which can be assigned

Custom Max - the highest Custom number that can be assigned

Custom Ofs - the offset where the Patch# is stored in the SysEx when using an automated dump request

Dump Ofs - the offset in Dump Request where Patch# is stored

Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one