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These errors are all generated while attempting to compile a macro for a driver, an editor or a file conversion. The error message is provided along with the line that the error was found in and the character position.

As with the MIDI communication errors, the errors are presented in the order in which they are most likely to occur.

Destination Buffer Exceeded!

Possible Causes:

1. Some macro command was entered improperly and the compiler has missed it. (This is the much more likely of the two.)

2. The macro is so incredibly long that it has used up the available buffer space (currently 1000 bytes for each macro).


1. There is an error somewhere in the macro, unfortunately you will have to look a little to find it. To test this methodically, use a letter which is definitely NOT a command such as 'H'. Insert the H in the code. Compile the macro. A "Bad Macro Command" error will occur. Continue moving the 'H' through the macro until the "Destination Buffer Exceeded" error is generated instead of the error for a bad macro command.

2. Find ways to optimize the macro by using the loop and conditional execution commands.


Unknown Character

Possible Causes:

1. An invalid macro command was entered at the given location.

2. An extension to the IF command was invalid (ie NOT IFN, IFE, IFG, or IFL)

3. The compiler could not process the character in the position it was found.


1. Check the position and enter the correct macro command.

2. Enter the correct conditional execution command.

3. Check the code in the area where the error was generated very closely.


Invalid Value

Possible Causes:

1. A hex value was entered which exceeded 255

2. A 'Set' command was used which described a MIDI string with more bytes than were actually entered.


1. Check to see that the entry at the error point is less than FFH or 255D.

2. If a MIDI string of 8 is set (ie. S 8 { }) ensure that there are actually eight MIDI bytes entered in the string.


Invalid Math Operation


Possible Causes:

1. An invalid math operation was entered.


1. Check the error position and enter a valid math function.


Invalid Assignment Opcode


Possible Causes:

1. The second character of an opcode is invalid at the error position.


1. Check the error position and enter the valid op code.

(eg GA and GF are valid but GH is not)


End of Macro Buffer

Possible Causes:

1. An IFE command can not be the last command in a macro.

2. The compiler has reached the end of the Macro Buffer unexpectedly.


1. Enter an end of macro command after IFE (either ']' or 'E').

2. This is a very insidious problem in the macro. Use the method described in the "Destination Buffer Exceeded" error to find it.

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