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Midi Quest Pro only

The left side of the Instrument Creator Window is the Instrument List.

The instrument list contains a list of all of the instruments you have installed. Clicking on any instrument, will expand that instrument to display a list of the individual drivers for the instrument. A driver is used to load a particular type of SysEx from the instrument (MIDI device).

In the case of the 01/W, there are drivers to load a send the following types of SysEx: Combination bank, Combination, Patch Bank, Patch, Drums, Sequence, Global, and All Data.

The various drivers allow to access all of the various parts of the 01/W's memory.


Instrument List Menu

Right clicking on the instrument list displays a popup menu with 5 items. Changes made by all of these functions are permanent and can't be undone.


Add Instrument

This item adds a new instrument to the bottom of your instrument list. Rename the new entry to the name of the instrument. Technically, this function creates a new .ini file in Midi Quest's INSTR folder


Duplicate Instrument

If you are creating a new instrument that is a variation on an existing instrument, select the instrument you want to copy and then select this option. Midi Quest will make a copy of the instrument which you can rename. Technically, this function creates a copy of the selected instrument's .ini file and renames it.


Delete Instrument

This function removes the selected instrument from the list in the Instrument Creator window and deletes the instrument .ini file in the Instruments folder. However, this function doesn't delete the folder containing the files which define the instrument. This folder must be deleted manually if desired.


Rename Instrument

This function displays a dialog to rename the instrument to a new name.



Refresh brings the instrument list in sync with the .ini files in the INSTR folder. If you manually modify an .ini file in the INSTR folder while this window is open, selection this option will rebuild the instrument list with the updated information.


Available in:

Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one