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Midi Quest Pro only

The Instrument Creator Window is used to create new drivers for the Studio Window. To open the Instrument Creator Window, click here.

Sound Quest doesn't claim that creating instrument support is easy. If fact it can be quite difficult. The information provided by the manufactures is often incomplete and occasionally incorrect. Additionally, the information is not provided in a standardized format. The layout of the SysEx information is different for every company and often the documents vary between instruments from the same company. Reading SysEx documentation is almost an art form in itself. With that said, we are ready to proceed.

Instrument support is created at two levels. The instrument, which is a collection of drivers and the drivers which provide complete control for receiving and transmitting System Exclusive information from virtually every instrument. The driver also includes the information necessary to audition Patches and perform Bank editing where appropriate.

WARNING: To use this window effectively it is necessary to be able to read and understand the System Exclusive implementation charts for your instrument. Also it is necessary to be able to work in the hexadecimal numbering system when entering SysEx information that is sent to the instrument.

If you are just learning about creating drivers, we strongly suggest that you obtain System Exclusive documentation for an instrument which Sound Quest is already supporting with Drivers. Load the existing Sound Quest Driver into the Instrument Creator Window and compare the documentation with what is entered in this window. If you use one of our drivers as an example, and use the manufacturers documentation as you work through this chapter, you should find it much easier becoming comfortable in obtaining the kind of information necessary to create a Driver.


Entering Information in the Instrument Creator

When entering information in this window take care to:

1. Most numeric information is entered in decimal EXCEPT

2. Enter MIDI strings in hexadecimal format. (including Dump Request )

3. Numbers type is indicated by the ending (in this manual):

H = Hexadecimal (eg. 30H)

D = Decimal (eg. 4104D)

Note : H and D are NOT entered in the window!

Using the Instrument Creator Window

In order to create a new driver it is necessary to fill in all of the information in active areas (the areas in which a cursor will appear when the parameter is clicked on). The window is divided into nine sections. Each section will be discussed separately with examples of when the section will be used.


The following are the sections in the Technical docs. They relate directly to the various portions of the Instrument Creator window:

Instrument List

Instrument Editor

Driver Creator

General Information

Receive, Transmit and Audition Macros

Bank Edit

Channels and Bank Select

Options, IDs, and Paths

Check Sum

Dump Request

Macro Language

MIDI Errors

Disk Errors

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Midi Quest Pro


Midi Quest


Midi Quest Essentials


Midi Quest one